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Sunday, January 2, 2011


After many months of "slacking" when it comes to maintaining my other blog sight, I've decided to start fresh. I have a new vision for this blog which I pray, God grants me the grace to update on a regular basis with a variety of different subjects that will delight any readers I may be lucky enough to have visit me here.
     I am now a new mother of a handsome son named Timothy Paul McConnell who will be 3 weeks old Tuesday. My purpose of starting a new blog right now at this time in my life is to attempt to cultivate the ability in myself to express my creativity, to share life, my new ideas and to share what God is working in me... all as a part of learning this art called being a mother. I desire to be the mother who celebrates her new calling by digging deeper into her creative gifts and deeper into Christ... I do not desire to disappear and God forbid I ever lose sight of who God has created me to be as an individual and as a mother. I as a mother, have different talents, God-given gifts and calling that includes and even celebrates motherhood along with being a forerunner in the Kingdom of God with much to bring to the table.
     I plan on putting my experiences and lessons as a new mother on here as well as some of my creative endeavors and thoughts on what the Lord is speaking to me in this season of my life. This is more for my own edification than any of the potential readers that may cross the path of this blog I'm afraid. However, I pray  you find some encouragement in my own as we go forward.

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