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Monday, February 28, 2011

Creative Happenings This Week

This week I was inspired... I finished my blanket that i've been crocheting since I found out I was pregnant with Timothy, I sewed a onesie to track his monthly birthdays/growth and I painted, stenciled and customized Timothy's nursery furniture. Here are some photos to show what I've done...

At the time I began working on this blanket I was working full-time and was unable to dedicate vast amounts of time to sitting with this project. However... 2 short months after Timothy's birth here it is- my proud gift to my beautiful son!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now begins my furniture saga-
Not long into Timothy's life I began to realize I had a deep need for a chest of drawers. I had been organizing all of his clothes in little linen boxes and storing his diapers and wipes underneath his crib.
However, I was unable to find a chest of drawers at any thrift stores nor was I willing to pay "big bucks" for a brand new one from a furniture store.
Lo and Behold--- I found a cheap chest of drawers for $39.99 at K-mart of all places
(I dread this place and rarely will darken their doors).
It was plain white, and lacking in personality so I decided to spruce it up a little.

Take a plain white chest of drawers and...

Paint it a beautiful robin's egg blue.

Personalize it with beautiful knobs sporting his initials and....

Stencil it!

After I did the chest of drawers I realized that the little end table at the bottom of his changing table that has to house the printer right now needed the same treatment.

and... above the changing table I needed extra storage... so I found a cheap $15.00- 30% off shelf from Hobby Lobby that had the wooden pegs on it to hang "hats" on. I gave this shelf the same paint treatment and sawed off the wooden pegs to be replaced with gorgeous knobs that echo those that are on the chest of drawers and end table.

Tada-- a complete nursery room set for under----- da da dum: $70.00

BUT folks that's not all. This week I felt like supermom and also sewed a CUTE onsie to capture his two month old stature.
(This I will continue through until he's 12 months so that I have photos that capture each month, it's growth and changes)

All I did was use stencils to cut out the number 2 and all of the letters....

Then using some fabric glue I placed them in the desired locations and stitched around each one!

The end results... this crazy cute onesie that will mark forever his 2 month old milestone!

"Kisses" to you all! Thank you for visiting... come by again real soon.


Sarah Howe said...

OMG!!! SO NOT RIGHT!!! How does a new mother, with a crazy hectic life, accomplish in a short amount of time, so many beautiful, creative things. I NEED you. It's all SO lovely!

MrsWendy said...

SWEET!! :-) What GREAT ideas, every single one of them Hannah! Also loved the 'snapshots' from your day in the posting before this one. Love you!!

SAHMwife said...

Wow! I love your stuff. Following you on GFC as RambleSAHM! Come see me.

Hope said...

Love the dresser!! And I use to love making blankets, it was so relaxing!

I am a new follower from the Wednesday blog hop, I would love a follow back!! I hope you have an AMAZING Wednesday!


Tyra @ SilverLily Sews said...

I love the dresser and the baby onsie is darling. I made numbered onsies for my son but I like your hand stitching and adding "months" on there too. Very cute:)

Hannah McConnell said...

SAHMWife, I'm fixing to come over for a visit ;) Thank you for stopping by to see me!

Hope, thank you so much for followiing... I defintely will be visiting you and following your blog!
I love crocheting... it's a big stress reliever!

Tyra,thank you so much :) I love the hand-made look for some reason! Maybe just cause it's something very personal.