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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Downtown Knoxville

Yesterday my sister, our friend Emily and I went out for a girl's day out. We found ourselves in Downtown Knoxville, TN. There we treated ourselves to loose leaf tea at The Remedy Coffee shop and browsed all of the eclectic, delightfully overpriced shops. Design stores, boutiques and pubs are around nearly every corner and around us people were scurrying to prepare for the art walk to take place that evening.
Downtown is literally ten minutes away from where I live but sadly, I never visit there. So, I allowed myself to behave like an out-of-town tourist taking pictures of everything that tickled my fancy.

This is an old train station that you'll find off the bridge on S. Gay Street. I am a lover of anything and anyone who tells a good story. I believe it's a lot of my grandfather in me. Anyway, as such, this train station captured my imagination as I tried to picture the many people who traveled via this station back in the day when that was the quickest form of transportation.

I'm sure that in the day this station was in it's prime.. there were no paved street and no need for street lights.
I imagine that no one "ever met a stranger"....

I simply *heart* Downtown and have purposed to visit more often and hopefully  become a regular ol' native.


Summer said...

Hello Hannah ....My name is Summer and I happenstanced upon your blog via your moms blog ..... What really different pictures ..... It appears as though Knoxville is a well preserved and very well cared for city ..... I simply enjoy reading your moms blog and will visit here as well.....When you need a lift or a rest come over and visit me ....Sleep well and enjoy your sunday !!

Hannah McConnell said...

Thank you Summer! I'm pleased that you came to visit me. I am coming over for a visit as soon as I finish my response.
Downtown Knoxville wasn't always well preserved but the recently made a huge effort to "restore" it and bring it back to life again. In the Summer they do what they call "Sundown in the City" where they bring in local bands and big name artists to perform in Market Square in the heart of Downtown. It's very fun.