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Monday, March 28, 2011

Gabbi Grace and Timothy

Two-Three times a week Megan Cummins and myself try to go on a walk with out little ones. We both came to the conclusion that this would not only be good for us moms... but for our little babies as it's getting warmer outside.

Here are a few pictures of our last walk. The sun was just perfect so they turned out exceptionally well.

"Look at me and be jealous!"

"Oh my this bottle's good."

"Burping isn't my favorite part."

"But, knowing I get more bottle afterwards makes it worth it."

"Back in my stroller I go."

"I love my mommy."

"Hi mom, this is cool."

"Mom, where are we going?"

"What's that little black thing you're holding?"

"Mmmmm good...."

"Heh. I know I'm cute."


Matt Bailey said...

cutie pies!

Liz Overton said...

Love the pictures! They're both too cute. :) Thanks for sharing!

Hannah McConnell said...

Thanks Matt and Liz... I'm loving them!