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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jonathan Trentham Our Harvest Missionary

Jonathan Trentham is our (Harvest Church's) resident missionary to Cambodia. He's been there over a year now and will remain there for likely another year before his return home.
He's working as a teacher there in Cambodia which as you can imagine, is not an easy job. However, he's flourishing there and God is using him mightily.

Jonathan is also our friend and brother and sorely missed while he's away. When he was called away he left a hole here... that hasn't quite been filled even with the many who've tried to step in. He has a gift and a heart for young men that is large and he pours himself into these guys like no one else can.

Jono, Justin and Isaac

We all love you Jono and we're praying for you.


MrsWendy said...

Love this Hannah. I so miss looking over at "Jonno's Spot" on a Sunday morning and not seeing him there. He really has made a lasting impact on all the families of Harvest.

Hope said...

Thank you for the sweet comments!!!! I love your blog, you have a very cute family! I can't wait to come back and read more!