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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rituals of a New Mommy

My ritual begins at about 3am every morning when I wake up to this little guy:

At this time he's normally hungry and ready for his bottle.
Daddy gets up, makes the bottle while I grab little one, change his diaper and prepare to feed him.
About 3 hours later at 6am... he's hungry again. This time I get to prepare the bottle while daddy takes the rest of the routine.
After this feeding it's normally "Mommy and Me Playtime".

As you can imagine...
There's no better way to start your morning than talking gibberish, acting ridiculously to yank smiles and
snuggling with your 2 month old.

This will go on for at least an hour or so then I'll lay him back down in his crib to watch his mobile (which actually is quite hilarious... as the mobile is ocean themed but, he loved the teddy bears on his old wind up mobile so we tied them to the fish) while I try to get dressed, make my bed, etc.
I'll barely complete these tasks when it's time to eat again. But, this time we go in our living room to eat because my favorite TV show is on....  Martha Stewart Living!

Some people may dislike her but I adore this woman. She has taken homemaking and made it an art form... something worthy of admiration.

Okay, moving on. 

Now, my baby boy is somewhat colicky. As such, he doesn't nap well during the day, nor sleep through the night... and... when he is awake it's not always as the happy, adorable baby you see in these photos.
Thus, while I love being creative it is sometimes hard to accomplish throughout the day.
That's when Mimi steps in sometimes and give me a break.

My mother Sheila Atchley, Is the most talented, beautiful, inteligent woman I know and I strive to be like her.
Right now my husband and I are living with she and my father Tim Atchley while Justin (who by the way, scored in the top 15% of anyone to have ever taken the mathematics teachers licensing exam) completes his Masters Degree in Mathematics and his internship at Bearden Highschool.
Timothy just adores his Mimi time, and I adore it also as it opens the doors of creativity for me... and I have much to be inspired by in this home of ours/my parents. Just check out my mothers blog: http://www.aseasonofharvest.blogspot.com/

All of this said, my ritual is that of one blessed woman.
I wake up with a beautiful baby boy, a loving, hardworking husband and a family unit that strengthens, encourages and loves me.
Ritual- you must love me as mine is the best in the world.

My husband Justin and our son Timothy


Maegan Beishline said...

Yes, those early days with a baby are so steeped in ritual! And I think it's those little ritualistic rhythms that comfort both a mom and her new baby! I'm sure you hear this all the time...but enjoy this time...it goes so. quickly!

Hannah McConnell said...

Thank you Maegan for visiting and commenting. I feel very honored!
Yes, I've heard it before... but never enough. I've already been shocked at how quickly he's growing. I wish I could slow him down.