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Sunday, March 13, 2011


I play piano. Not *extremely* well... But, I can hold my own.
I've loved piano since I was a little girl... and when I was around 11-12ish I told my parents that I wanted to play the piano and lead worship for our church; Harvest Church.
My father while a talented guitarist and incredible singer, taught himself to play and didn't even know where to begin on teaching me the basics on piano. I would cry in my room because I wanted to learn so badly and  I prayed that I would have the opportunity to receive lessons. One day, someone annonymously decided to begin to pay for my sister and I to receive music lessons knowing that we'd voiced the desire to use those lessons to one day participate in worship on our worship team. The lessons progressed and I progressed along with them but soon found that it was very difficult practicing on the little Walmart keyboard that I'd borrowed. The keys weren't weighted... there were only 48 and the sustain/damper peddle didn't exsist.
So, what else did I do but pray for a piano the day that I realized this keyboard would no longer cut it. What happened? The next day my father received a phone call from a young man who was moving with his military unit. He had a piano that he wanted to donate to a church. My father was honest with him and told him that Harvest didn't have a need of a piano but, his daughter might like one.
Less than 5 minutes later this young man called my father back and said, "I went to call the next church and the Lord told me your daughter was to have this piano."
My dad called me directly and asked, "Hannah, have you been praying for a piano?" to which I responded, "Yes daddy, I prayed just yesterday why?" He told me the story of the young man and that evening we went to pickup this beautiful piano.
Long story short... today I'm a worship leader... not because I'm that good... but because I have a desire to worship the Lord with my instrument and He by His Grace allows me to do so.

Thank you Lord


I'm Sheila Atchley. said...

Yup. It is all true...every word. I should know, since I'm the mom.


Great post, Hannah!

Sarah Howe said...

LOVE it Hannah. Your testimonies are to be used for great things! I love your pic too!

MrsWendy said...

I love how God is so into the details of our lives! He cares so sweetly for us, doesn't He?

Joan said...

Neat story. :)
Lol Train ~ Soul Sister, is playing right now. Just ordered the CD. I have been patiently awaiting it. :)

tania palermo said...

What a fantastic story!!!
I always wished to have the ability to learn to play the piana...and often pray for a singing voice...lol...neither of which have come to be...yet.

Hannah McConnell said...

Thank you everyone for your comments!
Tiana, my mother and sister can back me up here. I used to be a terrible singer. However, after much practice and prayer I can now hold a tune :)
Joan, It's so funny because I completely forgot that this song was on my playlist. It is a very fun song though.

Dorian Susan said...

I love the soul-ful post. Thank you for sharing such a sweet and inspirational story.