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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Classic/Boho Tote- Who Doesn't Want One?

I recently began a project on a new pillow... but, as I went along fell in love with the idea of creating a tote bag that has the mix of the burlap and white that I'm in love with... but also that classic clean blue and white graphic print that's so in style right now.
Well, below is the result of my "whim"...

I don't know about you but, I'm in love!!! I love the large overstated bow in the front, and the mix of mediums here. If you're in love with it... please check out my shop!

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Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

very creative tote, it looks like you are getting good use of your new machine!
thanks for visiting.

Sarah Howe said...

You're awesome... I LOVE those bags!

Hannah McConnell said...

Thank you Morgane! Yes, I love love love this sewing machine. I'm still working on getting to know it better.