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Monday, April 4, 2011

Snapshots of Today


Anonymous said...

{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}} and kisses and 'sniffs and snuzzles' to the A.DOR.A.BLE "TPM". I would be hard-pressed to choose my favorite photo of him, although the ones of his smiles are likely to be on the 'top' of the MOST LOVED pile here. Thank you for sharing the joys of motherhood/parenthood/grandparenthood, beautiful Hannah. PRAYERS for you and Justin and TPM, as ever, each day. ~auntie ann in faith

MrsWendy said...

This has made my day all the more sweet Hannah! :) Little T is SO cute! And those eyes.... Oh.My.GOODNESS! Love those baby blue eyes! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh those expressions!! Blue, blue eyes. He's just to cute for words!
Love you
Vickie E

LrSchwtz said...

What a handsome little guy! Thanks for stopping by my website! I appreciate your interest! Your website is gorgeous, I'd love for you to link up to my Share the Wealth Wednesday! Laura

Summer said...

Let me tell you that picture of your little on cracking up laughing is a great shot !!! Keep up the great work on your blog Hannah it is looking really nice .... Rest well and know that JESUS loves you !!

Custom Comforts said...

So fun to be a new mother. I don't know how you find time to blog with a baby, but you'll have many fun things to blog about in the days and years to come. Children are such a blessing and source of joy.
Love the chickadee drawing. Did you do that? It is gorgeous.

Becca said...

What a cutie-patootie! And, look at those gorgeous blue eyes! (Love the one of him laughing.) Nice to "meet" you, and thank you again for your kind comments. Becca (your newest follower)

Hannah McConnell said...

Hello Laura,
Thank you! I would love to link up on Wednesday! I really appreciate that.

Vickie, he really is too cute for words... he has me squealing like i'm a little girl constantly lol.

Auntie Ann!!! Thank you for visiting! I love you bunches!

Aunt Wendy, I love going through this season with you! I just want to capture every moment so that I don't forget any!

Summer, Thank you very much. I've had my sister Sarah helping me on it also. I'm really wanting to turn this blog into something successfull.

Cindy, a lot of it happens while he's napping or when daddy gets home. But, right now I also live with my parents as my husband is an intern teacher at the moment and we have no income. As such, sometimes mom will watch him while I do my blog :) Thank you so much for visiting me!!!

Becca, Thank you for following me!
The one of him laughing is one of my favorites also cause it shows how his eyes close lol.

Carrie said...

Oh, what cutie! The third one from the bottom cracks me up. Really I laughed out loud. This is a cute blog you have here and I am following now. Thanks for stopping by to see me at fineandhandy.blogspot.com

Rays of Sunshine said...

He is just the cutest thing. Hannah I love these photos.

Kristi said...

Adorable little guy!! Can I ask what color of paint you used in his nursery?

thanks! ; )

Kelly said...

Love the pictures Hannah, my how they grow, he is such a cutie! Love you

Hannah McConnell said...

Hello Laura,
unfortunately I didn't get a chance to link up to your Share the Wealth Wednesday due to my camera issues *sigh* But I'm going to try to next Wednesday for sure!

Cindy, I wish I did the chickadee but, unfortunately I didn't. It's a button that's a stand-in until I can figure out my own :)

Carrie, I so enjoyed your blog and I plan on visiting it often!!

Lisa, I'm so excited you've started a blog! I can't wait to see where you go with it!

Kristi, honestly I don't know the color. It was my sisters room before she moved out and shortly before moving out she painted it. I liked the color and decided to leave it. I'm so so sorry :(

Kelly, isn't it great being mothers of such cute baby boys!! There's nothing like it!