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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mother's Day

My morning began with this... This video was taken soon after I woke up. Justin had brought Timothy in to me and Timothy was showering me with kisses. They slowed some when he noted that daddy had the video camera; but they didn't stop all together. Thus I have this treasure of a video. Please disregard my appearance. Remember... I'd just woken up lol.

We were a little late to church Mother's Day morning... but no worries... it seems church was running late too lol. We arrived just as they were beginning the first worship song.

After church we came home and relaxed with the family. Isaac planted Mimi's rosebush. I opened my gift from my mother- the cutest watch in the whole world!!! Those popular jelly bean coloured watches!! Then I opened my gift from my sister Sarah (who didn't have to but was oh so sweet to) and it was a lovely journal and gorgeous head band!!! Then, last but not least my gift from my hubby and baby. Two cd's by my most favourite artist ever... James Taylor. I'd lost mine a little while ago unfortunately and my husband replaced them as my Mother's Day gift.

Later that evening Justin, Jonathan, Isaac and Emily ran to the park to play a short round of baseball while Sarah, Timothy and myself went to take a walk. We'd gotten a good pace from our house when the skies opened up and decided to shower us. Timothy loved it... though mom wasn't too crazy about him being in it.

The day prior- Saturday- my Mima and Granddaddy came over for dinner. Here are a few photos of our Mother's Day celebration on Saturday.

 Timothy had his first bites of baby food just two days before but feels like a pro today. He decided to show off to Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother.

He adores being the center of attention. He'll show out all day for you all... and act coy the next.

"Hey you..." he says :)

Great Granddaddy must've told one of his great stories.

Timothy hanging with his Great Granddaddy Gilreath outside.

Timothy doesn't know how to be still... He's turned into a regular acrobat.

Timothy's watching his Poppie by the grill :)

Now it's time to chill a bit with Great Grandmother Gilreath.

It doesn't look like he's too bad off huh lol... Just chillin, all laid back, eyes barely open.

"OOhhhh" - Timothy loves Great Grandmother's Riley dog.

During all of this fun... here is Daddy at  his station grilling what will be the best hamburgers you could ever wish to try.

I love these next photos. Here you see everyone just enjoying one another's company on the back porch... well everyone except dad. The following photo gives you perspective as to his whereabouts.

See... right there... still posing by the grill :)

Here's that Riley dog that Timothy was enthralled with. Isn't he just a cute little boy?!

My man and Sarah's man starting a fire... skipping the boy scouts way lol.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day visit. I know it's a day I shall never forget. Such sweet times these months have been!


Kelly said...

I just love your pictures and precious video of Timothy showering you with kisses, you will treasure that forever! What a great 1st Mothers Day. You must have been taking a walk at the same time Meredith, Lisa and myself were taking a walk for we got showered on too :)

Summer said...

Looks to me that your Mothers Day was a blessed day ....We are truly fortunate and blessed to have LOVE of GOD , family and good health
.... As I noted previously your son is a real ham for the camera
....Have a great day !! p.s. The high chair looks stunning and the video priceless !!

High Street Cottage said...

Timothy is a Doll ;) You're blessed to have such a wonderful family.
Thank you for stopping by my blog, wishing you a wonderful weekend. xxx tami

WobiSobi said...

That video is too cute.. I miss that, i want to go back in time for one day and relive that age. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog. Have a wonderful night. Hugs, Anne.

Life in Rehab said...

Yeah, bitty Mr. Tough Guy smoochin; Momma is about the cutest thing EVER.