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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My "Summer" Ruffle Tote Tutorial

Okay, here goes my "Summer" Ruffle Tote How-To Tutorial.

Please bear with me as I'm still figuring out how to make the tote while taking pictures at the same time lol. I'm am terribly right handed... anything that requires the use of my left- well- let's just say it's not easy.

Okay from the beginning

1. Cut out your fabric according to this pattern.. (you'll want to to cut 4 pieces 2 for the outside of your tote and 2 for the lining of your tote) It's like an overly chunky "T". This one is about 16" high and 14" wide. the cutout at the bottom is a 2x2" square off of each bottom corner. This creates the "T" shape.

2. Cut out your strips of fabric that you wish to create your ruffles with. I cut them to be 3" wide and 2" longer than the pattern itself to allow plenty of ruffling fabric.

3. Pin the strips of fabric in half. DON'T iron- just pin- this way when you pull for the ruffles they're nice and fluffy.

4. Set your machine to the longest stitch setting.

5. Run your long straight stitch 1/4" in from the edge of the folded fabric.

6. Pull the bobbin thread to gather your fabric and create your ruffle.

7. Sew your ruffles onto your 1st piece of fabric one at a time making sure it's straight all the way across.

8. Continue to layer your ruffles one on top of the other stitching it with a straight stitch 1/4" from the top.

9. Once you've sewed on all of your ruffles sew your front piece (the ruffled piece) and your back piece together right sides facing. DON'T sew along where you cut out the 2" squares just yet, only sew the 2 sides and the bottom.

10. Once you've sewed the sides and bottom. Go to where you 2" openings are and pinch them until they meet creating a bottom like what you see here. Sew a straight stitch along each one to create a bottom that can sit/stand on it's own.
 11. Now taking your two lining pieces and sew them together just like you did your others. Once you've done this place your tote inside your lining right side out and have your lining inside out. Straight stitch along the top opening leaving about a 2" opening to pull it rightside out and leaving 4 other openings for the straps (I left them with each opening 3" from the seam of the bag.)

12. Pull your tote righside out through the small opening that you've left in the top.

12 cont. This is what it should look like once you've pulled everything rightside out.

13. Tuck your lining fabric inside your tote just like how it will be once you've completed it.

14. Now take a 14" x 3" fabric strip, fold it in half, sew 1/4" in from the open edge and turn it inside out. Pin it to the top of your tote to create a clean opening.

15. Take your handles and using the same technique as the lining in step 14- create the strap for the handle to be attached.

16.  Tuck your fabric into the openings you left for the handle and pen it into place. Then stitch around the entire opening of the back 1/4" in using a strong stitch (I like using some decorative ones).

18. As you can see here I used a pretty locking stitch.

18. Now take several strips of your fabric you used for ruffles and using the same ruffle technique pull the ruffles tight to form little rosettes.

19. Sew them onto the back of your back like you see here.

Now step back and take a look at your brand-new ruffle tote!!!


Holly said...

This bag is so sweet! I love the colors (my favorite!) and the ruffles - I have had a ruffle tote on my must have/to-do list for quite awhile! Great tutorial. New follower!
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Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Wow! This is SO cute! I really love the little touch of ruffles on the back too and the pink handles! Just darling! Thanks for posting (and you did a great job taking the pics!)

JamieS said...

This is adorable! I love the ruffles!

~JamieS@ Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

Love this tote & tutorial!! Stopping by from Just Something I Whipped Up at TGC and I am a new follower.

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