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Friday, August 5, 2011

New Product! ~Diaper Bag~

So I worked for weeks on this little "baby" of mine.

I had envisioned a diaper bag made specifically according to everything I wished I could find in a diaper bag!
I don't know about you other mothers out there... But, I hate (x100) the ugly, plastic-like, lunch box inspired diaper bags out there.
So, I designed my baby with a two separate compartments inside... One side for diapers, etc... and the other for extra clothes, formula, etc. It even has elastic lined pockets for your bottles, soaps and lotions.
It has two outside pockets for whatever you prefer to use them for and a long strap that has EXTRA padding made to go across your shoulders... Better for your health!
Now, get this... it's BEAUTIFUL! Who could've imagined right?
It's made from off-white linen and a beautiful orange and off white paisley cotton.

Oh and P.S. It's also been completely scotch guarded so no worry about stains!

Check her out... my bay-bay! :)

Please check out my shop if you find you desire a diaper bag such as this one.
Also, please forgive the pictures. I fully plan to do a photo shoot at some point using my sister/model but, we've had guests over for the past 2 1/2 weeks and have had time to do nothing of the sort :)

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Anonymous said...

Very cute. Nicely done. :o)

bahar006 said...

İt is so beautiful:)

Karen said...

Oh, I wish I had that when my kids were babies! I love the fabric and the ruffles are to die for!! I am a new follower:)

SoPurdy said...

I LOVE this! I feel the same way about a lot of the bags out there, especially trying to find one cool enough for a boy!

Summer said...

really nice hannah keep up the great work ..... i have a spot in my shoppe just for you .....enjoy !

Marydon said...

Bless your heart, Hannah. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your heart with us in the fund raiser for the ill. You can tell your followers to come over, too, if you would.

Love your bag, it is wonderful & I love that fabric colors.