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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wow, God is Good!!


My God is crazy amazing just-so-you-know. He's the Abba Father, Provider, Comforter and Healer,... Almighty Maker and Ruler over ALL. And... He cares for ME! His timing is perfect, His ways are far better than our own... and He loves us deeper and with more sincerity than we could ever fathom.

As some of you all know my husband recently graduated from the University of Tennessee with his Master's Degree in Mathematics Education.  Firstly I recognize that he couldn't have done it outside  of the all-sufficient GRACE  of God. His boast is not in himself or his abilities... but rather that God brought him through and not just by the skin of his teeth... But, finishing with a 4.0 G.P.A.
It was hard as..... heck.... he was gone most of the day every day having to do a full-time school schedule/internship/part-to-full-time job. But, it's DONE.

Next,... he had to find a job. He worked two jobs through the summer and towards the end of the summer was hoping to find he had a job with a school in the Knox Co school system well before having to start. We waited.... and waited.... and school started Friday of last week! No WORD FROM ANYONE!
Then, Friday late morning/afternoon he received a call from South Doyle Middle School and was out there working that afternoon!!
YES dear friends... my husband has a job! a DREAM job!!! a job hand-picked by God just for HIM! and it was just in the knick of time! People were telling us that it was too late... settle. Take what you can get and be thankful... BUT NO! God had ONLY HIS BEST IN MIND for Justin!

Let me just say... I am over the moon! For the FIRST time in our married history Justin will be home in the evenings and on weekends... with a decent salary and insurance! I will have him here with me at a certain time every day!!!!! No more nights and weekends without him! We get to be a normal family!

Now, you may think that's the end of my good news.. BUT, it doesn't stop there!!! Oh no!

I have been asking God for a van for months now. Our little Toyota Corolla was killing my back in my attempts to get Timothy in and out of the car. This last week my neighbour sold my father a Ford F150 for a song and as a result... My dad sold Justin and I his van for the cost of that truck!!! Which is ... a SONG

ANOTHER prayer answered!!!

Am I blessed or am I blessed!!! Right now the fulfillment of the prophecy I received has come to pass. I have come out of the season I've been in and I am in my new season on the mountain top. I know that there will be more valleys to come... But, I'm going to enjoy this mountain top experience for as long as it's mine!


Lynn Smith said...

Beautiful, words, beautiful thoughts. I love you both and am so celebrating with you!

MrsWendy said...

WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Our God IS SOOOO GOOD, and ABLE, and FAITHFUL to ALL that He says!! Rejoicing with you all!

Granny said...

Congratulations on Justin's graduation, job & your van!!! Yes, God is awesome & knows HIS plans for each of us. Perseverance and steadfastness -- daily abiding & trusting in Him. Praying all goes well for your family :)

Liz Overton said...

So excited for you and Justin! Love you guys!

I'm Sheila Atchley. said...

I'm still so,so amazed at what a difference a WEEK can make! For all of us!

He's going to do great, because he has already done the "hard stuff". Can't wait to see how sweetly your life as "the Teacher's Wife" unfolds!!

Anonymous said...


Justin said...

Beautiful, I love you! I know it's been crazy busy, and haven't been able to blog like you want. But I hope that will soon change!!


Anonymous said...

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