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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The above were photos taken when my little Timothy was only 1 month old.  Time flies so quickly. All of the little moments either taken for granted or that you found yourself emotionally spent on... they become in hindsight, so precious, so missed,... so longed for.
I am thankful for all of my mother's counsel, to treasure every moment through my son's growth because someday, even the most difficult moments will become the exact moments you wish so badly you could have back. However, if I make the most of each and every precious moment. I will look back with no regrets.

 You see, there's a trick to life. The facts are... life never really is going to get easier. There will always be an aspect to it that will be more difficult from one year to the next.  While one area of your life may improve or become easier, another will inevitably become difficult. Why? Seasons my friends... life is full of seasons.

"You said there was a trick?" I hear you asking... yes, and it's rather simple and yet one of the most difficult things in the world at the same time. The trick is to find yourself THANKFUL in every season  you find yourself in. Yes, thankful in EVERY season you find yourself in.

The truth is... Thankfulness is like a medicine. It will get you through the hard times and give you wings to fly in the good times. If we were to be honest with ourselves many of us would be able to look outside ourselves in the hard times long enough to find that someone else really does have it worse off than we do.

I've heard people complaining about their living situations,... But, they have a roof over their head. I've heard complaining about baby's sleepless nights (Granted I did the same on both counts. Not judging... Just saying) when they're baby is alive, well, healthy... breathing!

As we grow older... I believe the key to aging gracefully can only be found in thankfulness. After all, don't we have much to be thankful for? Not only do we have the gift of God's extravagant, unfailing, unchanging grace... But, He's also given us families, friends, life, love, breath, Spring, Winter, Fall, Summer... so many, many things.

If only we could all learn to stop sweating the small stuff (which in the scope of things... most of what we encounter could be considered the 'small stuff'). If we could save our striving, worrying, stressing, etc... for the big things in life because, there will be a few. Then, when we encounter the big stuff... maybe, just maybe we'll find ourselves so deep in thankfulness and walking in grace that in the moment that big thing arrives... we'll find ourselves at peace yet still. Solid, steady in Christ.

Maybe then, our children will learn to do the same and the pettiness that we take for granted will be seen in children will be lessened and in it's place we'll see children that are contented with what they have and where they are in life.

Dear friends... I exhort you today to dig deep, pray, weep, do whatever it is you need to do to find yourself grateful in whatever circumstances you find yourself in. Look outside yourself if need be to others less fortunate then you. Those who've lost loved ones, homes, lives, limbs, you name it... think of them and find yourself moved on their behalf to pray for God's blessing to pour upon their lives.

Maybe if you find yourself blessed in an area that puts you in the position to bless others.. Please, find yourself pouring out towards others consistently. Find yourselves sharing what God has so generously given to you to those around you. Be a blessing as you have been highly blessed.

Generosity isn't just monetary... if you have a talent, teach. If you have a gift, give. If you have an extra room in your home, share it. If you're healthy, help the sick... so on and so forth.

In this new year 2012 let us find ourselves making the effort to find ourselves a thankful people.
As I look back at 2011... it wasn't an easy year by any means. I could find myself ungrateful for some
less-than-ideal circumstances,... But rather, what I see is a good year. A year filled with blessings, good things, great things even!
Thank you Lord for this Your year of blessings and for my little boy who's healthy and now over a year old.