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Monday, July 30, 2012

Featured Item and Giveaway

Hello Friends and good morning to you!

I wanted to remind you firstly of the giveaway hosted by
 Sheila Atchley Designs that we have going on. If you enter you have a strong chance of winning one of 3* bag designs shown there by *mwah*

Today I just wanted to feature one of my bags that I made... I've named her affectionately 
She is by far my most expensive bag as she was made from more expensive materials and is in fact more than just a bag, she is a DSLR camera bag!

Meet Serena

I am working on creating a pattern that can be made to-scale that I will sell at some point for those who wish to design/create their own vision for their perfect camera bag. However, my pattern is still a little way off (a new venture with many learning curves).

This one is made from yellow-gold (a color I've learned is supposed to be very popular this Fall) linen-like fabric fused with the thickest pellum and the interior is 100% cotton also fused with the thickest pellum. It has two exterior pockets and a key ring; three interior lens pockets 1 full manual or misc. pocket and the interior is completely padded on the bottom and sides. The bottom with a cardboard and 1/2" foam insert to protect the camera and lenses.

If you're interested in purchasing her please checkout my shop!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Check Out the Shop

Hello All,

While you're nervously awaiting Friday to find out if you're the big winner of one of the 3* available purses from my mother's give away at: Sheila Atchley Designs
please feel free to browse what is now available in my shop!

There are a few styles available even now should you fall in love...

Also, be sure an enter the give away if you haven't already!

Thank you!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm Doing a GiveAway

Hello Dear Friends,

Today I'm am participating in a give-away hosted by my mother via her blog: www.sheilaatchleydesign.com
please stop by today and join in on the fun and hopefully *win* the give-away purse!
I am personally very excited about doing this give-away and partnering with my mother as it has pushed me towards getting out my sewing machine and grinding my designer gears once again!

The purse you see for this occasion was specially designed by me for this giveaway as my mother will not settle for anything less than the best when she's hosting :)

So please, stop by, participate... and check in on my mother's shop while you're at it!

Thank you :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello All,

It's been a while I know... BUT, I'm back and sending you to my mother's blog:
Sheila Atchley Designs
For you to enter a giveaway for Send Out Cards.
Also, please check out my dear friend Maria Kear's website here with some information on a 30 Day Challenge she has been doing herself and is teaching!
30 Day Gratitude Challenge