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Monday, July 30, 2012

Featured Item and Giveaway

Hello Friends and good morning to you!

I wanted to remind you firstly of the giveaway hosted by
 Sheila Atchley Designs that we have going on. If you enter you have a strong chance of winning one of 3* bag designs shown there by *mwah*

Today I just wanted to feature one of my bags that I made... I've named her affectionately 
She is by far my most expensive bag as she was made from more expensive materials and is in fact more than just a bag, she is a DSLR camera bag!

Meet Serena

I am working on creating a pattern that can be made to-scale that I will sell at some point for those who wish to design/create their own vision for their perfect camera bag. However, my pattern is still a little way off (a new venture with many learning curves).

This one is made from yellow-gold (a color I've learned is supposed to be very popular this Fall) linen-like fabric fused with the thickest pellum and the interior is 100% cotton also fused with the thickest pellum. It has two exterior pockets and a key ring; three interior lens pockets 1 full manual or misc. pocket and the interior is completely padded on the bottom and sides. The bottom with a cardboard and 1/2" foam insert to protect the camera and lenses.

If you're interested in purchasing her please checkout my shop!



Kelley Highway said...

Spectacular bag, girl! Incredibly creative art thou! *wink*

AND I'm your blog's newest follower! Now, don't bug me! I've got some ADBD reading to do! Yippee!

Liz Overton said...

I would love one of your bags, although it would be so hard to choose!